80% of Millennials recently surveyed expressed the interest to be future homeowners, and 66% percent of whom are expected to do so in the next 5 years!

Their tastes can vary greatly from that of their parents. If you plan to sell your home, find out the 5 most important changes you can make to your home before a Millennial buys it! 🏡 

#1) Modest Updates 🛠

Think move-in ready! This, after all, is the on-demand generation! A dollar spent on updating a bathroom or fresh paint is money well spent for Millennials!

#2) Going Green 🌲

The falling prices of solar panels, combined with the constantly improving product quality, make this a highly enticing feature to have for an environmentally conscious younger demographic! 

#3) Outdoor Lifestyle 🍺

77% of Millennials say that they want their outdoor space to have the "relaxing retreat" vibe! Adding a simple outdoor patio with some exterior lighting would go along way to painting the picture here!

#4) Think Practical Space 🤔

The idea of having a beautiful designed room that is used for a grand total of your 5 times a year (we're looking at you: Dining Room) wouldn't be a great use a space! Converting this space to an every day lounge area is the go alternative here!

#5) Smarter Home 📲

Adding security features like a doorbell camera, backyard floodlights build-in camera, and smart thermostat are not as costly as they may seem! (Check out our Smart Home Guide) In fact, Millennials polled say they'd pay 20% more a month in order to secure a home with smart technology! 

Find out what your home will be worth this Summer 2018!

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