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🎸 Start off this School Year like a Rockstar!

Kat Sellis, MBA

Kat is a hard working agent with J.

Kat is a hard working agent with J.

Feb 7 3 minutes read

1. Make an effort to get to know their new teacher!

Visit the Open Houses and meet-and-greets! It will go a long way when you reach out to the teacher. If you are unable to make the events, send the teacher an introductory email! 

2. Organize their clothing beforehand!

Go through their closets and donate old clothing before going shopping for new clothes. Then try and lay out an outfit for them to wear the next day! 

3. Set up a routine for bedtime and wake-up time!

If you start a new sleep schedule in the Summer, a few weeks before school starts, it will be easier to go to bed and wake up on time. This will make things much easier in the morning!

4. Determine an area to prepare for the day!

A place in your home to organize backpacks, shoes, homework, and a family calendar. This will make everything go smoothly in the morning, if everyone knows where their things are!

5. Plan lunches and snacks that are healthy!

This will give your kids the brain power and strength to make it through the school-day. As well as for any after-school activities! We all know that we can't think clearly when we are hungry!

6. Bullying needs to be talked about!

Research shows that 1 in 3 kids will get bullied at some point, so it is important to talk to your kids about it. Remind them how to correctly treat their peers, and that they can tell you if they are getting bullied!

7. Ask your kids about their concerns!

Take some time to go over any concerns they have. It will help ease some anxiety about the new school year!

8. Update medical records!

Along with the mandatory medical records, feel free to email your teachers any allergies or medical concerns they need to know! 

🍎🏫📚 Best of luck Rockstars!!

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