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Unconventional Ways to Make your Home Sell Faster πŸ€”πŸ‘

Kat Sellis, MBA

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Feb 7 4 minutes read

With all the competition out there, selling your home can take strategy and out of the box thinking. Buzz needs to be created for your home, but it can be difficult to do that when there are a number of other similarly listed homes out there.

If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches...

Big Ticket Items

A new trend sellers are having luck with is enticing buyers by throwing in a big ticket item. Something they may have always wanted, but most likely are not going to buy for themselves. Depending on the location, throwing in a boat or barbecue set up can be an option! If you don't have the equity or financial freedom to do something that extravagant, consider a new $400 Smart TV, that amazing swing set your kids loved, or even a “credit” towards furniture. People like to get something for free, even if you have already factored it into your desired sale price.

Use an Unconventional, Humorous Ad

Real estate ads all tend to look the same. All homes are described as “beautiful” or "move-in ready" and it seems like most neighborhoods are described as “highly desirable.” So many ads lack creativity, which makes them blend in with all the others. Instead of a generic, boring ad, make yourself stand out by being bold and funny. “Man Cave for Sale, (also Has 4 Bedrooms!)” Even if they aren’t looking for a “man cave’ per se, the ad will stick in their memory, and the use of humor makes you seem human as opposed to the typical, robotic real estate ads.

Get Creative with Photography

Spending a little extra money upfront can lead to some big returns down the line. Think about hiring a videographer to make a video of your house, but have them make it look like the preview to a Hollywood blockbuster! Or consider adding in some humor by creatively staging your home's photos. The unique  perspective will add a whole new dimension and make sure folks remember your home! People also want to be able to “get a lay of the land,” so don't forget to showcase the neighborhood! Having some great photos of the local area can help potential buyers get a real sense of what living in your home will be like.

Have a Sleepover 

Well.... not exactly. If you are no longer living in the home and you have a buyer who is on the fence, offer them the option to spend a night in the home! This way they can really get a sense of what living there and waking up in that house will be like!  This may be unorthodox or unusual, but sometimes that's what it takes to get the deal done!! 

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