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Will Facebook Sell Your Home?

Kat Sellis, MBA

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Jan 4 4 minutes read

Without having a clear-cut ongoing strategy, the only things social media advertising will do are build up the agent's ego with likes on their ad and make the seller feel nice that a bunch of people "like" their home.
However, if the agent uses Facebook in the proper manner, Facebook will absolutely get the home SOLD. There are many things that consistently need to take place for this to happen.

Key Takeaways

  • 99% of real estate agents will NOT get your home sold thru Facebook Ads (we are the 1% that will)
  • If Facebook Ads are done properly, your home will ABSOLUTELY get SOLD
  • A consistent FB Ad game plan with numerous moving parts needs to be in place for success
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Our Strategies: Creating Some Mystery About the Home 

One of the biggest mistakes that agents make is that they give too much information in the ad. If a very motivated buyer (Maria) has a $500,000 budget and happens to see a Facebook ad for a $750,000 home, there is no way that agent will ever have a conversation with Maria. The buyer more than likely will never inquire about the home because it is out of her budget. Too much information was given out about the home and there was no mystery about any of the home's details.

Granted this is not the right home for Maria, but the agent may have the PERFECT home for her. Unfortunately for the agent, Maria, and the seller, they will never find out because there was never an inquiry regarding the property.

Our Strategies: Consistently Finding a Pool of Buyers in Many Different Price Ranges

Just like mentioned above, it is extremely important for agents to not give all the information about a home in a Facebook ad. When a buyer is in the market and a property catches her eye, she will most probably reach out to the agent and ask for the missing information (price, location, updates, year of the home, etc).

When that conversation takes place, a couple of things happen. One, the agent will know that person is in the market to purchase a home. And two, the Realtor will know the price range she is interested in if the price was the missing information in the advertisement. If the missing information was the area, the agent will know what area she is interested in.

So by having these conversations and spending a good deal of money consistently on Facebook ads, it is possible to create a large pool of buyers in all different price ranges. When the perfect property is available, one of these buyers will more than likely purchase it. It is extremely important to have a pool of buyers on the sideline waiting for the right home.

By using this strategy, on average I'm able to create a pool with hundreds of new buyers each month waiting on the sideline for the right home.

Our Strategies: Providing Relevant Information Rather than Selling

People take much longer to buy a home nowadays than in the past. It is very common for buyers to start doing their home shopping research six months to a year and a half in advance prior to purchasing their home. There is so much information that is easily accessible regarding homes and the process, it just makes sense to start looking earlier.

Because of this, people don't want to be sold with high-pressure sales tactics. The world has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Buyers don't mind getting RELEVANT information emailed to them, but they do mind getting information trying to sell them. Most of my sales are from clients that I've kept in touch with by providing information that related to their situation.

This is why it is crucial to have correct email addresses and to not spam potential buyers with salesy emails.

There are quite a few more things that need to be done consistently with Facebook advertising to get homes sold, but I hope this gives you an idea that it takes a whole lot more than posting a nice photo of a home and crossing your fingers that it gets SOLD.

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