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The Most Valuable Renovation Projects (and How to Do Them)

Kat Sellis, MBA

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Kat and her team are hard working agents with Real Brokerage, in beautiful East Bay of Northern California surrounded by Napa Wine Country, San Franci...

Jan 26 7 minutes read

Renovating your home can be daunting, especially when it comes to deciding which projects are worth investing in. With so many options available for potential upgrades, it's hard to know what will provide the most value. To simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most valuable renovation projects you can do in your home. We also give you some examples of how you can do them yourself!

1. Laundry area 🧺

Homes with a laundry area sell for $32,138 above the nation’s median list price of $397,862.

Renovating your laundry area can bring a number of benefits, including improved efficiency and convenience. A well-thought-out laundry renovation will make the space more useful by optimizing storage and layout. This can reduce the amount of time spent on chores and increase the overall productivity in the room.

Luxury laundry area renovation

The dog station has an oak counter that contrasts with matte gray cabinets and drawers containing all your dogs’ supplies. Just past the first washer and dryer set is a dog-washing area with textured gray walls and a large drained shower area for your furry friend. A smaller tub for handwashing is available for more delicate items and the space has an additional washer and dryer set along with a fabulous island to do your folding. It doesn’t get much better than this!

2. Ceramic floors

Homes with ceramic floors sell for $73,088 above the nation’s median list price of $397,862.

Ceramic floors are a great choice for any home. They offer a number of benefits, including durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to moisture damage. Installing ceramic tile can add value to your property both aesthetically and financially due to its popularity amongst homebuyers and long lifespan—ceramic tile can easily last 75-100 years! 

Luxury ceramic tiles

London Mosaic specializes in Victorian floor tiles as well as contemporary geometric schemes. They offer full customization on designs and stock a large range of high-quality ceramic tiles suitable for interior and exterior use. At a thickness of 9mm, they are not only decorative but robust.

3. Eat-in area

Homes with an eat-in area sell for $26,739 above the nation’s median list price of $397,862. 

An eat-in kitchen is a kitchen with a designated space in the home for meals and snacks. It can be as simple as an eating nook or as elaborate as a full kitchen dining room. Eat-in areas are becoming more popular because they provide an opportunity to bring people together, creating an inviting atmosphere for conversations and shared meals. They also allow homeowners to use their space more efficiently by combining the kitchen and dining room into one multifunctional area.

Renovating an eat-in area can increase the aesthetic appeal of the space. It can also add more seating and provide a better layout that maximizes useability.

Luxury eat-in renovation

Statement light fixtures mesmerize against cool, muted hues. Added architectural touches hint at neoclassical inspiration. It’s a timeless space that’s sure to delight guests. Get the look with this  Bernardi Ceiling Lamp or this Kohler Lighting Drum Chandelier, and enhance your ceiling with crown molding. Paint your cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s Feather Gray, and embellish with minimal, gold-colored cabinet hardware. Installing a signature curved range hood creates an attractive focal point, while stunning marble promises an elegant choice for a contrasting backsplash. Go for a design like these Caracole chairs and a round, marble-topped table.

4. Home office

Renovating a home office has many benefits, both practical and financial. Practically speaking, redoing this area will provide an improved workspace with more efficient storage solutions and better-suited furniture for the specific needs of the user, resulting in increased productivity as well as greater comfort while working from home. 

Luxury home office renovation

Texture, detail, and inspired lighting abound in this elegant home office. Achieve a similar result for your own space by installing glamorous shelving, purchasing an upscale desk and coffee table, rolling out a casually patterned floor-covering, and hanging a trio of gold-and-crystal chandeliers. Adding wall coverings that mimic fiber and granite provide an appropriate backdrop for dark hues and metallic accents. Want additional ceiling embellishment? Installing this crown molding allows you to easily employ LED lighting above your space to produce a subtle, indirect glow.

5. Backyard

Investing in landscape improvements can go beyond just aesthetic benefits, they offer financial benefits as well. According to professor Mark S. Henry at Clemson University, leveling up your landscaping could increase your home’s value by 28%. Depending on what type of plants/trees/shrubs you choose, these renovations reduce energy bills by as much as $250 per year thanks to added shade during summer months. Both landscaping and features such as pools, fountains, and pergolas can add a level of visual impact to your property that can’t be understated, enhancing your lifestyle and backyard enjoyment.

Luxury backyard renovation

Build high walls for privacy and embellish them with solar-powered light fixtures. Adding plants, wicker furniture, and solar lanterns will keep the area cozy. You can construct your own rain curtain by following the instructions on this step-by-step video from The Best How To By Clem, or purchase any attractive pergola and add a rain nozzle or waterfall attachment like this one from Sheer Water Designs.

Are any of these ideas inspiring you? If you’re looking to increase your home’s value or want to create a more attractive living space, we hope you’ve found some motivation to dive into your next home improvement project!

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