The GoodAgent Team Lead Coordinator 



Job Standards

Primary Objectives – What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job? 

  • Respond to Internet inquiries in less than 5 minutes.
  • Answer sign calls or call prospect back in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Record the source and track the progress of Internet inquiries, sign call leads, and open house leads.
  • Track consultations scheduled, consultations attended, and cancelled consultations. 
  • Maintain contact database system.  Monitor and examine the response rate of email templates and follow up plans and make revisions as necessary to maintain effectiveness. 
  • Cultivate leads/inquiries from acquisition through conversion (consultation).
  • Pre-qualify prospects and introduce them to our preferred lender.
  • Convert qualified prospects to consultations. 
  • Confidently perform a phone consultation in the absence of the Lead Buyers Agent
  • Maintain a high level of familiarity of the local real estate market and monitor market trends. Be considered the local real estate economist for our clients.
  • Have a general knowledge of neighborhoods, zip codes, counties, market inventory, and pocket listings. 
  • Answer the customers’ questions and provide any information that would help the customers find value in our team with the purpose of scheduling a consultation.  
  • Keep up to date on loan programs and interest rates in order to be effective in converting prospects to schedule a consultation. 
  • Have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the buying process including, but not limited to loan approval, home inspections, appraisal, home warranty, and contract to close.
  • Refer seller leads to the Listing Division.
  • Additional job objectives may be added at any time in order to improve client satisfaction and overall transaction efficiency

Regular Work Activities – What are the most frequent and most essential work activities in this job?

  • Follow up with inquiries/leads.  Use effective communication and consistent, methodical phone calls and emails in order to set client consultations for the Lead Buyer Specialist. 
  • Computer Input and Contact Database Management
  • Keep Lead Buyer Agent up to date on prospect’s progress by updating Boomtown and attending weekly buyer team meetings.
  • Study periodicals and other sources of market data to better understand the local and broad market.
  • Follow up to confirm scheduled consultations on behalf of the Lead Buyers Agent.
  • Maintain ongoing lead management training by attending all Boomtown education webinars. 
  • Network with other lead coordinators to role play and exchange ideas for growth and improvement. 
  • Input Open House buyer contact information into database, assign a follow-up campaign and create an e-alert for the lead. 
  • Keep up to date with our current listing inventory, pocket listings, and the market inventory.
  • Additional work activities may be added at any time in order to improve client satisfaction and overall transaction efficiency

Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?

  • Excellent at developing relationships and building rapport quickly 
  • People oriented
  • A strong desire to provide exceptional customer service and put the needs of others before your own through active listening and asking questions
  • Detail oriented
  • Outstanding positive attitude
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Learning based and committed to personal growth
  • Willing to learn scripts and dialogues

People Contacts and Interactions – What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?

  • Lead Buyer Specialist – daily
  • Administrative Team – daily
  • Buyer Prospects – daily
  • Lender – daily
  • Showing Specialists – daily


  • Salary plus bonus
  • Paid time off

Job Requirements

  • Experience, Training, and Education – What prior work and life experience will help you succeed in this role? (Education, industry-specific, sales, administrative, management, customer-service)
  • College degree preferred
  • Real Estate License (or willingness to obtain real estate license before starting position)
  • Minimum 4 years professional experience
  • High level of computer literacy
  • Flexible schedule – in addition to weekday activity, must have some availability on weeknights and weekends to answer Internet inquiries/sign calls. 

Behavioral Requirements

  • “Detailed and Accurate”
  • Most dominant traits are cautious process-oriented approach and need for structure and conformity.
  • Low V1    Takes a process-oriented approach to risks and unfamiliar situations; prefers cautious, deliberate decision-making; comfortable in a supporting role
  • Mid V2    Mildly sociable; comfortable interacting with others and working with teams, yet also seeks solitude, reflection and quite analysis
  • Mid V3    Typically has a strong sense of urgency and works comfortably within a fast-paced environment, but is methodical, persistent, and committed to quality
  • High V4    Relies on facts, policies and procedures, and directions from others.  Enjoys works with structure and routine; perfectionist.
  • Preferred DISC = CSI or SCI
    • Low D    Prefers parameters of authority to be set before making decisions; can be a supportive leader within organization
    • Mid I    Moderately outgoing and people oriented; uses facts and information to persuade others
    • Mid-Hi S    Cautious; caring, helpful, and dependable; prefers predictable situations and tasks; strives for harmonious relationships
    • High C    Analytical; competent practitioner with high standards of quality and detail orientation 

Hero Object

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